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Imagine seeing , embedded in the most powerful, prosperity, health, healing and abundant life promises from the most powerful book in the world, God's own Word.

When you receive your own personalized copy (your name imbedded in the text of over 1,000 promises of prosperity, health, healing, balance and abundant living) of Faithfirmations, you will immediately begin to FEEL THE POWER and the presence of the living presence of God's Word.

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  • Powerful 'results producing' faith
  • Amazing spiritual power like you've rarely felt in your life
  • Confidence in knowing that you are filled with God's presence and His Spirit
  • Happiness and joy that can only come with living His Word
  • Unity with the mind of God
  • Unity with the power of God
  • Unity with the presence of God
  • The power to release prosperity in your life
  • Confidence in God's interaction in your life now
  • Faith for prosperity as God word promises
  • Faith for healing and health
  • Faith for living a life of miracles and blessing
  • And much, much more....

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Imagine how your life will change as your mind is renewed by the Word of God using this amazing tool. You will carry it with you everywhere you go. You will open it and get instant inspiration no matter where you are or what you might be going through. You will treasure this powerful and amazing book for the rest of your life.

Go see your name in this amazing book, right now, for FREE!

Let Me Tell You My Story

In 1977, I met a man who told me that there was a love story that overshadowed all other love stories. Having had my heart broken a few times, I was ready to listen.

He told me that he knew an amazing story about me and the love that was being offered to me through this story. He said that this story was written especially for me. He said that it was directed to me.

To the say the least, I was immediately interested in hearing this story. My heart and mind were riveted to every word that was being said to me.

He went on to tell me of God's love for me and how God had written about it in the Bible. I said, 'I thought the Bible was all about how God was mad at me and the rest of the world.'

He said, 'No, Michael, God has done more for you out of His love for you than you can imagine.' At that moment, I knew that I was destined to find out about this love story that God had written to me. I soon found out what he was talking about and experienced it for myself.

Ten years later, in 1985, just 4 years after the introduction of the personal computer by IBM, I caught a vision about something that would take 20 more years for me to realize.

I was reading the New Testament book of Ephesians and saw all of these amazing promises that God had offered. As I read, I caught a vision of what it would be like to take a computer and arrange the entire text of the book so that every time a promise was made, it would be made to me, by my name.

I had some rather 'religious' friends who said that I was 'changing the Word of God'. What I quickly learned was that the Bible had been translated many time with many different translations. I learned that what was important was that I come to know the God of the Bible and to understand His revealed heart. In fact, I reasoned, 'if the Bible isn't written TO ME, then what good is it FOR ME?'

Then, I wrote out the entire book of Ephesians in my word processor. I did embed my own name, Michael Murphy, in all of those amazing, spiritual and power-packed promises.

I then kept my dream alive of being able to create a bound book with just such promises for people JUST LIKE YOU. People who I knew were longing for the closeness of God's word to their hearts and minds.

Just last summer, 2006, I found the key to what I waited to see for over 20 years. I discovered a process that enabled me to make a beautiful, high quality copy with hundreds of God's promises which were each one personalized with your name embedded right there in the promise.

Here's the results below:

 You will soon be hearing about this amazing book on your favorite Christian television and radio shows. Be one of the very first believers to lay your hands on your own personalized 'Faithfirmations' book.

Go see your name in this amazing book, right now, for FREE!

 Read what Cindy Roberts experienced when she received hers:

"Michael, all I can say is Wow! I cannot tell you how long I have needed and wanted something like this book. It is so much more than a book. It is a tool of discipleship, faith building and abundant living. I am amazed at how so much doubt is so quickly disappearing from my life as I read my 'Faithfirmations' book each day. My family, friends and pastor have acknowledged the change that they've seen in me. I could only wish that I had this twenty years ago. Nonetheless, please understand, I feel honored to have it all. You are going to change the world and many peoples' lives with this awesome book. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exciting!"

Cindy Roberts

Read also what Samuel Godwin said:

Michael, I have struggled in believing what I know God's Word says about me, for several years now. I just couldn't seem to get the breakthrough in faith that I longed for.

I got super excited when I heard about this book. I couldn't wait to get it. I ordered mine immediately when I found your website. Just as you promised, Michael, it is without a doubt the most powerful book I've ever owned besides my Bible. In fact, it is so full of so many scriptures, I feel that it is my own little personal Bible.

Michael, I am not one that goes around telling people that God talks to me. I've never done that. However, after ordering this book and now having it in my hands, I feel that God is speaking directly to me every time I open it up. I've never felt that before in my life.

Thank you my friend. My life is changing from the inside out. I'll treasure my Faithfirmations book for the rest of my life. And, as you suggested, I'll never leave home without it :)

Sam Godwin



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